:: the days are long, but the years are short ::

It's a quote that I stumbled upon somewhere along the way that so simply states the truth of this time in our lives.  The time that we are fully in the weeds of raising little people while also trying to navigate our own professional aspirations.  The time that is a seemingly endless repetition of caregiving and errands and nurturing.  But, it is this daily grind that yields some of the greatest joys that we never knew would wind up meaning everything. 

A few of the longs days that made up our short 2014.

picnic under the petals

Last year, I had a client session in the most glorious grove of flowering trees.   It was so lovely that Nora and I returned to it a couple of days later so that I could take her portrait beneath those beautiful blooms.  This year, I knew that we had to go back for a picnic under the petals.

It did not disappoint. 

lucy imogen curry

On January 9th, we welcomed a perfect little bundle named Lucy Imogen Curry.  Weighing 7 pounds and 11 ounces, Lucy has a tiny button nose, dimples on her knees, and a hint of a birthmark right in the center of her forehead.  Needless to say, we are all entirely smitten and the last week and a half has been incredible.

you are my wild: week 52


I love you more than you could ever possibly know.  That is until maybe you have your own child one day.

You are my girl with that fearless spirit and a force of confidence.  Sometimes, well, that makes the day to day a bit of a challenge.  But, mostly it just leaves me in awe.  

I am so grateful that I have these 52 glimpses into your world as you grew this past year from a toddler into a little girl.  Because it is after all, those ordinary, everyday moments that wind up meaning the most.

You truly are my wild.  

52 Week Blog-115.jpg

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a space for two

In anticipation of our second babe, we rearranged seemingly every room in our house.   The office became our bedroom.  Nora's bedroom became an office/guest space.  And, our former master was converted into a shared space for two little girls. 

Our plan is to keep the littlest one in our room for a while and then bunk her with Nora once her sleeping becomes more regular.  So, if anyone has any tips for making that transition a smooth one, I am all ears.

you are me wild: week 51

The week that Nora, honing her caregiving skills, improvised a well-loved lullaby by singing, "hush little baby, don't say nuffin'"

It is so bittersweet to be saying goodbye to this project right as our family is set to welcome a new babe.  2013 has been quite the year and the support that we have received for Wild has been incredible.  Thank you!

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52 Week Blog-114.jpg

you are my wild: week 49

The week that the snow was so beautiful, but also so fleeting.  Fortunately, it stuck around just long enough to do a little sledding, catch some snowflakes on our tongue, and make the tiniest snowman in all of Maryland.

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